Advice in Running a Business While Travelling

Advice in Managing your Business While Travelling

Traveling the world and operating a business at precisely the exact same time appears to be a glamorous lifestyle: you are able to work from anywhere you need, create your own schedule and be your own boss. However, the things that make it desirable additionally turn it horrible.

After all, with absolute freedom to select between adventuring to far-off lands and sitting at an online cafe performing SEO chores, participating in conference calls and composing e-mails, who’d decide to do the latter activities? Few men and women.

Given the choice, you’d likely shut your computer and go exploring. The digital-nomad lifestyle might appear attractive, but there is nothing glamorous about freaking out as your Internet connection in a little town abruptly went out two minutes prior to an important conference telephone or product launching.

Yet it is possible to discover a balance and successfully operate a business from the street, relying upon time management and careful preparation.

All this may seem intuitive but striking the ideal balance is not straightforward. It requires work to settle into a routine once you’re always changing locations and time zones. It’s easy to determine that work can wait when you’ve got people telling you to go with them to a festival or the famous tourist attraction of the town.

When I left to travel, running a company on the street wasn’t my intention. I only wished to travel. Starting a blog was an afterthought so as it began to get traction, I began to loath it as I had to give it more of my own time. I only wished to travel.

My company grew more slowly than it might have because I was not maximizing my time. I went offline for a week so that I could go sailing around the coast of Australia, thus missing four meeting and guest-posting chances. Traveling always has come first for me but I have always wanted my business to grow as well. So after my firm suffered years of mismanagement, I eventually developed a pattern for conducting a company abroad.

There is a way to balance out everything. It takes discipline, but by creating a program around your routine, it can be achieved. Here are my five tips:

  1. Know your best working hours

This is definitely the most significant part of running a company abroad. You have to understand when you work best and will be the most successful. By understanding yourself, you can plan your day out for optimum productivity.

I operate best in the evenings. So I really do just as much work as you can before dinner, then head outside to sightsee and revel in happy hours. I conserve my “busywork,” like network performance monitoring, e-mails and opinions, for after dinner when I wish to do a couple of things before going out for the day.

  1. Develop a Schedule

Keeping to a routine/schedule while travelling is tough as you’re constantly moving. But producing one, even in the event that you cannot stick to it all of the time, will allow you to pile your job on certain days, make your to-do list more manageable and free up time for all of the fun things that come with travel.

  1. Have a day away from travel.

Dedicate a day to do the job. Cloud computing services allows this to happen. Set aside a schedule whereby every couple of days, you sit down and just concentrate on work. This will allow you to catch up on things and free your mind, not having to worry about e-mails while you’re out sightseeing.

Your mind cannot be in two places at the same time. I found this out while in the Galapagos, when all I could think about was work, causing me to appreciate the trip a whole lot less than when I could give it my undivided attention.

As soon as I returned I knew something needed to change. I decided then that I’d dedicate every fourth day only to do the job. It has let me concentrate on where I was making me happier while still getting work done.

  1. Simply say no.

This works on two fronts: first, say no to matters which don’t assist your core business. It’s easy to say yes to interviews, guest articles, telephone calls and such, but if you are working and traveling, each moment of your day counts.

If something will not drive your company forward, do not say yes only out of courtesy. Learn how to say no.

Secondly, learn how to say no to people you meet on the street. They are most likely traveling on holiday rather than at that moment running a company just like you. They have a lot of time and will constantly be attempting to inspire you to go out. Resist. There’ll always be another night to party. Leaving one night out is not the end of the world.

  1. Plan ahead.

I am a planner plus a list maker. This enables me to prepare for intervals when I may be unable to get on the internet or I’m too busy enjoying life. Maintain a calendar, strategy and apply the days committed to work to remain on top of your schedule. Do not be responsive: be proactive. Use every second.

Top 5: The Best Galleries and Museums Around the World

The best galleries and museums around the world are true examples of how architecture and interior design plays a big role in the arts. In the United States alone, there are a number of libraries, museums, and galleries that tell amazing stories about the hidden gems stored inside. And the rest of the world has proven worthy of the praise, too.


From the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain to award-winning designs of Santiago Calatrava and Zaha Hadid, architecture only proves that it has the ability to captivate, engage, and provide a unique experience to tourists and visitors. To pay homage to the stunning buildings that are home to the most exquisite art, we’ve made a short list of the most significant galleries, museums and custom showcases and installations that you should see at least once in your life!

Le Louvre, France

Before being transformed into the world-renowned museum that it is today, Le Louvre housed and protected the kings of France. It was already a medieval wonder even before I. M. Pei’s seemingly out-of-place pyramid was installed in 1989 – but the contrast worked. It did not only attract everyone’s attention but also became one of France’s landmarks.


Inside Le Louvre are some of the world’s most prized treasures. Venus de Milo, Philippe-Auguste’s medieval keep, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Egyptian artifacts, and Leonardo da Vinci’s famed “Mona Lisa” are only to name a few.

The Acropolis Museum, Greece

The Acropolis Museum is known for its one-of-a-kind transparent glass floor which gives visitors a detailed glimpse of archaeological excavations. These excavations range from sanctuaries, settlements, and exhibits of everyday life in order of their historic period. But the frieze of the Parthenon is considered the main attraction of the museum.

The Uffizi Gallery, Italy

The Uffizi Gallery, or Galleria degli Uffizi, is home to the greatest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world. Almost all the famous names in the Renaissance period are here. From the early medieval art to the romantic phase of baroque, the experience in this museum will definitely leave you inspired. Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” is just one of the stunning paintings you can see when you visit the Uffizi Gallery art showcases.

The Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

American architect Frank Gehry’s swirling design put the Basque country of Spain in the architectural world. Constructed of limestone, titanium, and glass, the Guggenheim Bilbao was opened in 1997 and successfully boosted Spain’s tourism economy. The museum’s decoration and design has been interpreted to many things but mostly to a boat or a bouquet of flowers.

The Egyptian Museum, Egypt

The Egyptian Museum, although not an architectural wonder, is definitely one of the best galleries and museums around the world. Not only does it boast the most extensive archaeological discoveries from around Egypt. It gives visitors the most humbling experience as well – the sight of Tutankhamun’s golden mask. The mask is said to be one of mankind’s greatest work. It also gives a face to one the greatest rulers of the world, one that became a teenager, a king, and a god in just one lifetime.

Off-Road Adventuring for Beginners

Driving off-road does not need to be frightening. Yet most folks spend serious dosh on vehicles they won’t ever drive off road. Let us try to correct that by explaining a couple essential skills everybody can master to have some off road adventures!

What a 4WD Can Be And How Traction Works Off-Road

Four-wheel drive is really a misleading term. You see, simply as you’ve got a 4WD vehicle, it does not mean that if you are stuck, four wheels will truly be moving and possess traction. Four-wheel drive usually means that the energy is split between the front and the back differentials — that is where things become tricky.

Outside wheels will travel farther than the inside wheels. On paved road, this is a fantastic thing, but if you are axle deep in sand, or possess one tyre with marginally less traction than another on a solid rise, this just means that energy goes into the tyre with the smallest quantity of grip — that can be less than perfect. So basically, when you want it most, 4WD actually only powers two wheels; one at the front and one at the back.

Everything You Want to Know Prior to Driving Off-Road

Danger stems from going too fast, and you raise the probability of damage once you hit something.

To get a visual, let us envision going over a speed bump at a car. If you move too quickly your suspension only bottoms out and sends you flying from your chair. Drive it over slowly, along with your suspension absorbs the bulge, keeping you and your automobile comfy.

It functions exactly the Identical way with off-road barriers, if you Require To push past a boulder and you strike it moving too quickly, you are not just very likely to harm your car or truck, however, the boulder will likely send you back where you came out. Should you approach it gradually your automobile’s suspension may bend over the barrier, maintaining your automobile in contact with the floor and enabling you to proceed without difficulty.

“As Slow as Possible and as Quickly as Needed” is a great mantra to keep on mind when driving off road. Let us say we do not possess a boulder at the trail that you will need to skilfully scale over, but a muddy incline. The appropriate method is to have sufficient speed to reach the top, but maybe not too much that you cannot cease to negotiate another hurdle.

The worst instance of too small speed is that you simply add more, While the worst instance of too much speed frequently ends in a broken automobile or a dangerous circumstance.

Driving off-road sets your automobile in scenarios it would not normally be exposed to. Not only do you need to deal with decreased grip, but you are going to need to conquer the occasional major rock or very steep incline, getting some ecb bullbars and other 4WD equipment may be worthwhile to protect your vehicle.

Most elderly 4WD SUVs and trucks may have low-range move Cases, typically activated by means of a lever or switch that is frequently incorporated with your 4WD system. Low range operates by utilizing another pair of equipment to multiply your car’s power at reduced RPMs. When you are off, the additional low-end grunt when paired with some ability can make it possible for you to have a car that has access to areas that people without low range may just dream of getting to.

You do not have to use low range if you are just cruising down a fire service street or driving round the occasional little ditch. You will need to use low range in case you are in a situation in which you need control, and reduced horse power like when you are climbing up a rocky incline or ledge. If your vehicle is big, slow and heavy you may need it more frequently.

Do not overlook that low range is not only for climbing over things, it is also for moving them down. On steep descents, you may use low range to aided with motor braking, which prevents the brakes from overheating and enables you keep control of the motor vehicle.

“My name’s Wes and I drive a Subaru with nappa leather car seats but no low range ☹”

Well Wes, you are in luck, since you can still go to a whole lot of areas without low range, as long as you have adequate ground clearance. Therefore, in the event that you end up in a circumstance where your car is running from power, or whether you’re relying too-heavily on your brakes, then you will want to utilize your vehicle’s lowest gear.

In case you have an automatic transmission, you will want to choose based upon your car or truck, you might also need to turn off traction control. Some crossovers are going to get an off-road oriented grip control system, which may offer some aid by winding spinning wheels, Others may only completely cut power if some wheel spin is felt, which will not really help you get any place. Use your very best judgement here.

Decrease Your Tire Pressures

If a basketball is correctly inflated, it bounces. It will barely touch the ground since the large pressure inside means hardly any of the basketball hits the earth, and it ricochets away the energy from where it would merely be struck. When it is low on pressure, it will not bounce very well since, without sufficient stress, more of this basketball’s surface area reaches the floor and absorbs the impact, requiring one to place more force on throwing it so it could bounce exactly the same.

Tyres need to be correctly inflated like a basketball. It means that they roll up on the smooth paved surface easily and need comparatively little energy to manoeuvre. This implies better fuel economy and much more predictable handling. However, when you’re off-road, away from the perfectly dressed pavement, higher stresses imply that your tyre will bounce like a basketball, meaning a more demanding ride. It is often good to include a car tyre pump in you 4×4 accessories tool kit.

A tyre with much less stress not just rides better off, but in addition, it can absorb more effect, reducing likelihood of injury to the tyre or the car or truck. It also suggests that more of this rubber is touching the floor at reduced strain. This is important whether you are driving in soft surfaces such as sand and dirt in which you need as much surface area as you can to disperse the car’s weight.

Don’t Be Scared To Turn Around

Some believe the mark of a True off-road car is one with dents and marks. As for me, I only think that it’s the sign of a village fool who cannot drive.

Vehicle damage is among the main reasons folks tell me they do not wish to take their car off-road, but it is completely avoidable when you’ve got just a little bit of common sense and go at your own pace.

It is normal to be anxious once you’re driving through a technical part of an off-road course, but should you realize that you are uncomfortable, simply don’t do it, then turnaround. The majority of people will run from ability far ahead of their vehicle will operate from capacity — and the finest four-wheel drivers know where they sit in that equilibrium.

Also, don’t overlook that since you are the driver of stated off-road Automobile, you are in your power to instantly employ everyone and anyone in the automobile for a second or third pair of eyes (not just to play tunes on your multimedia installation). If you are concerned about Hitting your bumper onto a tree — have another look. If you are concerned about Running from ground clearance, have somebody watching, ready to inform you to stop until you cause harm. Primary rule is to offer direct, concise advice, and if you are unsure what was stated: request again, you cannot harm the automobile when it isn’t moving.

Virtual Reality Headsets for Travelers

The innovative functions in mobile phones such as high resolution display screen and 3D graphics have enabled a generation of light-weight and useful virtual reality gadgets. Virtual Reality refers to computer technologies that use software application to make more reasonable noises, images and other experiences that help reproduce a genuine environment and promote a user’s physical existence in this environment. With the help of virtual reality, individuals can essentially take a look around the world by sitting at home. Individuals are thrilled to use virtual reality headsets that have undergone thorough agile automated testing and managed services due to the fact that these gizmos have the power to help them see the world in a new way and this can be done from the convenience zone of their houses. Virtual Reality Headsets not just help in offering a variety of applications such as VR video games, motion pictures, training, treatment, and workout but also in travel and tourist in which the traveler can essentially experience and explore the real world.

The travel and tourist market is everything about promoting the history of specific location, landscape, sensations, and experiences. The virtual reality headsets make it possible for the tourists to improve the way they search for vacation spots. The virtual reality headsets help travelers prepare their holiday in a specific location and thus as an asset tracking system, and allow them to see the location essentially by sitting in your home. Virtual reality headsets not just add to seeing the chosen location and hotels but also to examine the costs of the hotels in the location. The virtual reality headsets make it possible for the users to browse hotel spaces and costs using voice input through applications such as Google Now and Siri. While making use of virtual reality headsets is more popular in the video gaming sector, today it is broadening to various sectors like travel and tourism.

Virtual Reality Headsets for Travelers: Patterns, Analysis and Key Players

Virtual reality headsets supply potential tourists with an opportunity to see cities and unique regional occasions. Virtual reality headsets are cost-efficient and can be used as a marketing tool for the promo of the market. When visitors are uncertain of the physical or real look of an unrecognizable or unidentified travel location, virtual reality simply unfolds the picture for them. Virtual reality gives visitors a choice to experience a specific vacation location and pick their trip beforehand. While visitors can get an understanding of the location by browsing on the internet, envisioning the location practically makes them more likely to take a trip to that location.

Travel bureau also have a choice to use virtual reality headsets and bring in more visitors. Travel bureau are likewise using virtual reality headsets to bring in tourists by supplying them a center to imagine the location before preparing for their journey. Boost in the need and adoption of mobile phones internationally and an increasing need for on-the-go services, with an accurate software testing course and agile test management, are expected to own the need for virtual reality headsets in the travel and tourist market. Even more, when it comes to individuals who are handicapped or hurt and cannot go on vacations, virtual reality headsets allow them to feel and experience the location by sitting in your home.

Nevertheless, there are some problems that are related to virtual reality headsets. In couple of circumstances such as investing a great deal of time in a virtual environment, experiencing the ship travel or other transportation using the virtual reality headset leads to a sensation of illness typically experienced by individuals.

Nonetheless, the boost in demand for virtual reality headsets in numerous sectors has led producers to participate in this extremely financially rewarding sector and include it as one of the products in their workforce mobility solutions and cloud management platform. A few of the significant stakeholders who make virtual reality headsets consist of Google Cardboard, Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronic devices Ltd, Microsoft Corporation, Oculus VR, Proteus VR Labs Limited, Razer Inc., Carl Zeiss AG, Merge Labs, and LG Electronic devices.

Travelodge Site is the Next Wave of Expansion

Travelodge’s biggest ever hotel will form part of its next wave of growth in yet another sign the low-cost player is putting its prominent crane hire restructuring behind it. Building and construction has begun on the 395-room flagship hotel which will be on London’s Middlesex Street, near to the renowned Gherkin and known for their historically-relevant engineered timber products, and open in 2018.

The job was revealed along with significant development plans for the year where 15 hotels will be opened throughout the nation, including 5 in the capital and a significant shopping center consisting of Lakeside at Thurrock in Essex. The business’s substantial financial obligation stack caused a restructure in 2012 which saw turn-around experts GoldenTree Possession Management, Opportunity Capital and Goldman Sachs take control of the business from Dubai International Capital in a financial debt for equity swap.

The trio tilled ₤75m into the business and in 2013, previous Hilton deputy president Brian Wallace was set up as chairman while Peter Gowers, who had actually formerly held senior roles at Vacation Inn owner InterContinental Hotels, signed up to be chief executive later that year to help spearhead the turn-around. Travelodge finished a ₤100m upgrade of its hotel spaces in December 2015, the exact same year it also recorded ₤100m in operating earnings for the very first time in its then 30-year history.

325 jobs will be created from the 2017 openings and will and take the variety of Travelodge sites to as many as 558 overall throughout the UK, Spain and Ireland. Mr Gowers stated the business had just recently looked for much better target the business community along with the growing pattern for leisure consumers to integrate shopping with an overnight stay in a neighboring hotel, something the brand-new places would build on.

An overall 10 of the brand-new openings will also consist of a bar/restaurant, bringing the variety of areas with on-site dining to 174. This is alongside having a pleasant environment for consumers to be surrounded by as they get comfortable in their stay. Beautifully architected structural timber beams and frames are sure to please such an audience.

Mr Gowers stated the low-priced sector of the hotel market was the “fastest growing in the UK and internationally”. “And we still believe there is a long way to go,” he stated. “Simply one in 5 UK hotel spaces remain in top quality budget plan hotels whereas it is one in 3 in the United States. It’s only one in 7 in London so clearly there is a lot more to go.” Mr Gowers acknowledged the pressures on organisations such as his from increasing expenses – with Travelodge’s company rates increasing by 10pc or ₤3.3 m thanks to the current revaluation – in addition to the nationwide living wage and other unexpected infrastructural expenses for blocked plumbing and hot water services.

But he stated the business paid the nationwide living wage to staff members listed below the age of 25, above which the rate ends up being a legal requirement. Mr Gowers stated this was a sign of how money generative business was, something which needs to help the business hit its objective of building 20 hotels with the most expensive and one of the largest cranes over the next 3 years.

The president believed another 250 sites had been determined for prospective Travelodge hotels, with London most likely to be an essential place provided he declared typical hotel costs were practically two times the level of the UK areas. “Consumers are crying out for more good quality, affordable locations to remain,” he included.

About Travelodge

Founded in 1985, Travelodge is the second largest hotel brand in the United Kingdom, based on the number of hotels and number of rooms they manage. They are a low cost operator, offering standardised, contemporary guest rooms at reasonable prices to both leisure and business customers. They rent, franchise, handle and own over 540 resorts and over 40,000 rooms throughout the UK, Spain and Ireland.

Dining in the Sky: Inside Emirates In-Flight Catering

The clock nearly struck 12 a.m. and I understood that I had to falling asleep as soon as possible throughout a current company class flight from Jakarta to Dubai. I had actually switched off the TELEVISION screen in front of me and requested a flat bed with a bed mattress and blanket, however falling asleep was never ever as difficult as it might get that night.

As I closed my eyes, I believed I was thinking of the scent of warm pastry till the popular Emirates in-flight airline company food made its look on the aisle.

“Would you want to buy something sir,” Monica, a cabin team member, asked with a smile while distributing a supper menu.

I was starving, and opted for the sirloin steak.

I recognized I was not eating at a great dining restaurant with excellent catering Hawthorn, so I did not have high expectations about the meal. I simply hoped the steak would be correctly cut to guarantee that the meat hurt.

As the meal showed up and I made my very first cut, my tongue gladly danced. The steak hurt and juicy. It was served at the ideal temperature level in addition to mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes and veggies.

Emirates uses regional food on their menus to supply an individual experience to the guest. Given that I was taking a trip to Dubai, I was likewise used different desserts consisting of Arabic bread and an Indian reward.

The next day, I got an opportunity to go to the Emirates Flight Catering center in Dubai to obtain a better take a look at how the business prepared the in-flight food for the airline company’s travelers. “I advise you when you enter this location that the majority of the staffers are still working, so please aim to not interrupt them,” Robert Paulus, the Emirates Flight Catering’s supply chain supervisor, informed us when we simply came to the center.

The catering for functions business is no doubt among the biggest catering centers on the planet. It prepares more than 150,000 meals every day and the number can reach as high as 210,000 meals in a single day for individuals circumnavigating the world. The business utilizes more than 10,250 individuals and runs a 2.55-kilometer monorail line to carry items from one location to another. The automated transport system is developed to transfer meal carts from the vehicle-offloading bay to the dish-washing location where more than 3 million products are cleaned daily.

Investing more time here, it was simple to observe that the center was not just cooking in the cooking location, however there was a whole supply chain. The chain began with the getting space where the center got fundamental foods like bread, flour and meat. Paulus stated while the Arabic breads were offered by a provider, whatever else served by the airline company was made on website. Another part of the location was a big freezer space, where food was maintained at temperature levels as low as -18 degree Celsius.

(Read likewise: Intriguing realities about your in-flight meals).

Nevertheless, in spite of its remarkable size, the flow of items in the center was as quick as the airplane itself.

“If you get here 12 hours later on, you will discover that more than 60 percent of these items are being processed and are not here,” Paulus stated while walking through the storage location where countless products were provided daily.

We likewise got the possibility to fulfill Emirates pastry chef Peter Boos, who was exploring for a brand-new dessert for the menu. Peter stated he constantly liked try out desserts for his department and he thought that there was no limitation for brand-new type of food.

Joost Heymeijer, who is accountable for more than 100 million meals served at the airline companies each year, stated the airline business likewise takes the additional procedure, such as when aircrafts are postponed or when they experience turbulence, to make sure that the food quality is kept.

“When the airplane is postponed, we constantly monitor the quality and temperature level. If we have turbulence, the food will be prepared separately, so we can serve it in an orderly method after turbulence,” he stated.

Go to to find out more.

Want to live where the celebrities live? Move into a luxury tourist destination

For those who do not know what they are losing out on, Forest Hills is a wealthy area in the south-western area of the San Fernando Valley, which is located east of Calabasas and west of Tarzana in Los Angeles. On the north it is surrounded by West Hills, Canoga Park, and Winnetka, and on the south by the Santa Monica mountains.

Lots of Hollywood stars have actually spent their last days in Forest Hills since it is where the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Medical facility is located The medical facility offers private retirement, nursing care and acute-care medical facility centres and was founded in the 1940s and booked solely for industry professionals.

There is no doubt that the lavish lifestyle that the residential area of Woodland Hills offers is highly sought after.

With a price tag of only $1,499,000, this 5 bed room Forest Hills house is irresistible. The 3,196 square foot home functions seamless shifts of indoor and outdoor living, and is ideal for entertaining. In fact, the big house boasts enough space to captivate the whole neighbourhood. Family, friends, and neighbours will be delighted as you extend an invite to this open-planned Spanish Ranch style house located in one of Forest Hills finest locations. Found simply south of the Boulevard, the sensational rancher has been redesigned to excellence. The house’s modern design features an open layout, neutral colours, high-end finishes, wood floorings, and a must-see outdoor space topped with stunning landscape designs

The exterior of the single story home is deceptive. The Forest Hills home, located on the mild slope of Delita Drive, uses a view from the street of a stunning home braced with mature palms. However, upon going into the home’s double door entry, one will be blown away by the view inside.

The stunning open kitchen with custom kitchen cabinetry reaches the ceiling and is sure to be the very first feature to capture your eye upon entry. The luxuriously refurbished kitchen area space includes top-end appliances, fixtures, cabinets, and countertops. In the center of the cooking area, awash in gray, an architectural island elegantly uses a stunning contrasting counter top in white marble.

Walls of windows and skylights, situated throughout the home’s open interior, allow for plenty of natural light to fill its rooms and brighten the house’s numerous luxe surface areas. The expansive living-room unites the outside world and the casual beauty of the house’s freshly renovated interior. Nicely hidden simply beyond the living-room’s wall of glass, a simple fireplace includes heat and charm to the luxurious interior. Throughout from the living room’s fireplace, one will discover the dining location resting behind the house’s entry wall. The sensational dining space opens up to high-vaulted ceilings; a classy crystal chandelier hangs between the space’s different windows and captures the light in a stunning phenomenon.

The glass wall extends throughout the home’s rear, continues into the spaces that stand surrounding the house’s living location, and offers magnificent views of the home’s spectacular exterior landscaping The backyard landscape of this Forest Hills home features personal premises with a big patio area and perfectly manicured greens, a pergola covered BBQ with an outdoor dining area perfect for sipping on a yarra valley wine with friends, fish pond, fire pit, and stunning waterfall.

An ideal house for anybody who wants to live where A-listers have actually lived and experience the high-end life with loads of sight-seeing opportunities right at your doorstep.

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Less than an hour from Melbourne, ‘better than Bali’

Just 45 minutes from Melbourne, the locals sometimes wonder why the Yarra Valley isn’t a bigger drawcard for tourists.

With world class food and wineries in the Yarra Valley, leading golf courses, historic sites and luxury accommodation, the stunning region seemingly has it all. All too often though, it takes a back seat to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, the Mornington Peninsula’s Portsea and Sorrento, Daylesford’s spa country or Phillip Island’s popular penguin parade.

A string of high-profile new attractions, however, looks set to reinstate the sometimes overlooked region back onto the map.

Central to the Yarra Valley’s rejuvenation plan is the seven-year project to relocate the Eastern Golf Club from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to a new $70 million facility in the heart of the Valley. The planned 27 hole course, which was designed by golf legend Greg Norman, was formally opened in late October. Norman was on hand with politicians including federal speaker and local member Tony Smith MP and Victorian shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien to play a few holes and delivered a stellar performance as the region’s new poster boy – telling the assembled members that it’s crazy to go to Bali when we have the Yarra Valley in our own backyard.


“I encourage everyone, even locally and domestic, to come and experience what they have in their own backyard instead of jumping on an aeroplane and going to Bali. You have it all right here – it’s crazy.”


A host of alternative stand-out accommodation is easily found throughout the region, which is a favourite for wedding venues, with places in the Yarra Valley specialising in wedding accommodation which comfortably balances old-world charm with modern amenities. With leading winemakers in the area, food and wine remains the region’s biggest drawcard.

Discussing the sometimes overlooked Yarra Valley with family and friends, people point to the fact that it covers a vast region of about 100 square kilometres that is not well sign posted.

Without thorough research, the options can seem overwhelming and unlike the Great Ocean Road, there is not one agreed tourist map or clear path to travel. Its closeness to Melbourne means that it is also sometimes discounted when considering a weekend getaway.

Tourism Victoria plan to launch a multimillion dollar advertising campaign early next year to romanticise the road trip around regional Victoria Let’s hope that with a string of new hero attractions on offer, the Yarra Valley is set for a renaissance all its own.

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The Best Beach Towns In Australia’s Summer

It’s the great Australian summer ritual: packing up and moving towards the beach and staying in some great Lorne accommodation. However not all beach towns are developed equivalent– some are fab for families, or places that party all night long; others are low on action and huge on relaxation. Find the one that fits you with our convenient overview of the finest beach towns along the east coast of the nation just in time for summertime.

lorne accommodation

Best for twentysomethings

Sorrento, Victoria

Vibe: Don’t be tricked by the heritage buildings: Sorrento offers a beach holiday with a buzz and accommodation with modern house designs.

Destinations: Swim with the fur seals at Chinaman’s Hat and the dolphins out in the bay. Feeling less energetic? Stroll the Sorrento-Portsea Artists Trail, go gallery hopping or travel the shops along Ocean Beach Road. After supper, catch a band at the Sorrento Pub.

Don’t miss: Drinks in the Portsea Pub’s warm beer garden is an afternoon routine.

Where to stay: It’s worth going out of town for the smooth created Quarters at the Flinders Hotel. For a more central area, attempt the Sorrento Beach Motel.

Arriving: Take the Nepean Highway southeast from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula. Sorrento is a 1 1/2- hour drive on the brand-new Peninsula Link Freeway.

Five more must visit beaches:


Gorgeous beaches, fab coffee, bar right on the sand … not surprising that ladies comes here with with their shoes online they bought.


Plenty high-end accommodation with amazing home design, medical spas, and great restaurants to keep you going for weeks.


An old-fashioned movie theater and seaside markets draw crowds at this main coast family favourite.


Even if the sun’s not shining, arts festivals and the Great Otway National Park leave visitors spoiled for choice.


Friday night markets, upmarket restaurants plus those Gold Coast theme parks and an instant holidays vibe – yep, still among Australia’s most popular holiday spots to rock out the womens boots.

Best for: Families

Torquay, Victoria

Ambiance: Victoria’s surf capital is a hit with families, with plenty of water sports available, from swimming at the sheltered Front Beach to snorkelling at Point Danger (never fear– it’s far less frightening than the name recommends).

Dining: Best meals in the area can be discovered at Scorched, a modern restaurant with a beach view.

Where to stay: The Wyndham Resort is brilliant before kicking off your great ocean road accommodation spree, offering ocean views, indoor and outdoor pools and a tennis court. The Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park provides camping sites and cabins.

Arriving: Take the Princes Freeway from Melbourne. Torquay has to do with a 90-kilometre drive south-west on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Reasons Why It’s Best To Stay In Hotels In Oslo During Off-Peak Season


While a lot of people are booking accommodations at hotels in Oslo during high season, others prefer to visit the city in the off-peak season. Are you wondering why this is so? Oslo, the capital city of Norway is one of the largest cities in Scandinavia which caters to thousands of tourists every year even if it’s known to be very expensive to stay in this place. One of the reasons why there are still a lot of people going in and out of the city is that it’s also possible to get the best deals at affordable prices. Say for example, if you are booking your accommodation early, you get the chance to grab those special offers without having to hurt your savings account. Also, choosing hotels in Oslo which are situated in the suburbs can be a good way of saving money compared to staying in the center of the city. For those who choose to visit the wonderful landmarks in Oslo, what are their reasons for traveling during the off-peak season?

Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Hotels are not fully booked. With this as a reason you should know that it is very easy to book a hotel room because the hotels are not yet full. Rooms are available right away and rates that are reasonable enough.
  • Hotels are not that crowded. Hotels in Oslo during off-peak seasons are not very crowded so you would get to enjoy more of fresh air plus the peace and quiet which gives you the opportunity to get a good night sleep.
  • Better service. Of course, there are chances of not getting the best service from the staff of the hotels in Oslo if there are a lot of guests to cater to. With a few guests in the hotel, extra or better services can be provided.
  • Big discounts. Because during off-peak season hotels need to invite more guests, most of them are advertising special offers mostly online with their rates going as much as 70% less than the regular rates. You can take advantage of this opportunity which is the best especially if you have quite a tight budget.

These are the top reasons for traveling during off-peak seasons. If booking hotel accommodation during this season is not an option that sounds desirable to you, consider going during the shoulder season – this is the period before the high season. Everything else being considered, vacationing in Oslo during the off-peak season is a very good idea especially for those people who don’t like being in a huge crowd of people. T

here are a lot of ways to visit this wonderful city without needing to break the bank. There are a lot of budget hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. that you can enjoy. The trick is just to make sure that you know when it is the best time to go on a vacation and book hotels in Oslo at discounted rates.