Visit Melbourne’s Best Sneaker Stores

Let us face it, shoes are now considered the trend staple of every fashionable wardrobe. Famous for their flexibility, innovative material assembles, up-market appeal and capacity to enhance any outfit, shoes are no longer only for jogging. With such a dazzling collection of silhouettes to select from, we have decided to help you out by collating the best sneaker shops in Melbourne. Braving four seasons per day without some trendy footwear will soon be a thing of the past.


Capsule has set up shop in the Emporium shopping centre, situated in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. They’re home to numerous sneaker collaborations, particularly ones with Asics. What sets these guys apart from the competition is their website includes a section called ‘Stylistics’, and it will be a set of photographic blog articles that provide you suggestions about the best way best to wear your shoes and what outfits they can go nicely with. If you need style advice on whether your basketball singlets will pair well with Adidas sneakers, then Capsule is always there to help.

124 Shoes:

124 Shoes markets itself as selling genuine authentic footwear for people who are out of the ordinary. Really, it is a really fitting mantra into the manufacturer, considering that every shoe is made with tender loving care, all these are specially produced from Italy’s best labels, produced by second and third generation shoemakers which have utilized traditional artisan methods to produce the ideal shoe. If you’re searching for real quality and powerful lasting energy for your shoes, look no farther than this shop for guaranteed quality. Do notice however that all their selections are Italian manufacturers only.


Sneakerboy guarantees a consumer experience that you will remember long after your feet have slipped into some fresh sneakers. They had the hype at the lead up to their shop openings in Melbourne and Sydney, home some of the largest brands such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Kris Van Assche and much more. What is different about this shop is that it does not adhere to the standard retail version. Rather, the area is a showroom screen of the inventory, where you try on the shoes in store and make the purchase on the internet. Wait around for a couple of days and before you know it, your shoes will have arrived on your doorstep.

Up There Store:

A quaint small Melbourne shop that offers a nice selection of internationally sourced labels and shoes for men is Up There. Located in Melbourne’s CBD and two other convenient places, they pitch themselves on quality shoes together with unprecedented product knowledge to back this up. As a bonus, the shop also provides online sales and shares some of the best boutique clothing.

Culture Kings:

Culture Kings Is the best destination if you are on the lookout for a one-stop store for many things streetwear including snapback hats, crewnecks, the latest basketball jerseys and naturally, sneakers. Shopping there’s an indulging experience to the say the very least, there are barbers on stand in case you are seeking to smooth out your appearance, together with DJs playing the best songs from all over the world. You are going to be buying shoes whilefalling to the beat all day each day, emerging out of the shop a completely new man.

Hype DC:

This shop is a top choice if you are a person who desires the latest sneaker, but does not strictly comply with the fashion trend. What is good about Hype DC is they are among the very widely available stores, with places around Melbourne. If you are too lazy to leave the home, do not fret since they’ve got an internet shopping shop which you may research. And if you are concerned that you may be inaccessible to pick up your purchase, Hype DC also provides quick free transport to your office. Not too shabby.


Much like Hype DC, Platypus is readily available with various shops around Melbourne and over sixty stores in Australia. So, no matter where you reside, you are certain to find one close to you. They’ve plenty of iconic shoe brands from all over the world, which can be excellent if you are not one to rebound from store to store in your search for the perfect sneaker.

Prime Athletic:

Prime Athletic would be the people’s shoe shop, with just three shops all in Melbourne. First opened in 1997, it is since become a Melbourne milestone for its style-savvy vibe, bringing in customers with its relaxed vibes. Over seventeen years later and they are still standing against the big guns — a testament to their chilled-out strategy that does not overwhelm you with trendy jargon. For additional support, Prime Athletics’ website has a ‘Prime Daily’ segment, a heart where site articles are updated frequently with fresh products to supply you with daily fashion inspiration. Among the finest Melbourne sneaker shops to check out when you’re brand new to the entire world of style and shoes.

Prelli Tennis:

If you are looking for functional yet trendy tennis shoes as well as a huge selection of tennis apparel Melbourne, you can’t go past Prelli Tennis. With over 35 years of service providing products and advice to the worlds top tennis players, this is your place to visit whether you’re after a custom tennis racquet or tennis sneakers to improve your game.

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