Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are Special

Boutique hotels have been trending on social media for years now. People are opting to go to these smaller, more personal hotels for accommodation instead of going to the big chain hotels. In Tasmania, locals and tourists are spoiled with choices among the many boutique hotels available. Designs vary from luxurious mega-hotels to bare-bones youth hostels and giant shore resorts to quaint country inns. Today’s travellers’ endless hunt for something “new and distinct” motivated the growth of boutique resorts. But just what’s a boutique hotel?

What Are the Attributes of Boutique Hotels?

It has been said that boutique resorts are distinguished by their romantic setting and idiosyncratic fashion. They differentiate themselves from larger chain hotels by providing personalised services and styled accommodations that play on a theme. Even though there’s absolutely no formal definition of a boutique resort, the genre will often have some common attributes. Listed below are nine features of boutique resorts:


Boutique resorts are usually small, with 10 to 100 rooms. They’re intimate in scale, producing the impression of becoming a private guest at a private residence, instead of a hotel guest. They frequently have communal “living spaces” where guests may socialise.


These properties possess a distinctive vibe rather than the “cookie cutter” sense of becoming one in a set. They are usually operated independently and aren’t affiliated with a significant chain.


The design and interior layout of a boutique resort are as exceptional as its own operations, but usually upscale and combines historical details with posh elegance. The lines might be slick and modern or quaint and homey — or perhaps an artistic amalgamation. Boutique hotels convey a progressively forward fashion with fastidious décor. Guest rooms are decorated differently with each other and use expensive linens and different amenities.


Boutique hotels normally have an eccentric character. They’re fun and beautiful, stylish and offbeat. Their unique sense of humor can be seen through innovative guest offerings.


Again, there’s absolutely no hard rule, but a lot of boutique hotels can be found at the most stylish and popular urban places. You’ll locate them in vibrant, up-and-coming segments — they might well be among those factors from the region’s rejuvenation — and luxury residential areas which are away from the crowds, but suitable to the city highlights. Stylish boutique resorts can also be located in hotel areas, typically nicely hidden from the primary tourist destinations.


As an extension of the different characters of every property, boutique hotels often celebrate the local culture with a solid sense of place by integrating locally-sourced materials and representing the place’s heritage through art and colour. Themed boutique hotels build the entire guest experience, from décor to solutions, around a specific topic like art, sports or fashion


Exceptionally personalized service is a hallmark of boutique resorts. Staff will understand your title on the first day of your stay. Providing bespoke luxury conveniences like an extensive cushion menu and custom blankets, in addition to offering sumptuous spa services generates an extremely high quality, individualized experience.


Much like everything else about boutique resorts, their restaurants and pubs are usually hip, stylish and locally-sourced. High quality, authentic cuisine, and comfortable cocktail atmospheres create these dining and drinking spots popular with locals in addition to guests. If you are in Hobart, head down to Hunter Street and visit one of the Henry Jones restaurants for an exclusive dining experience.


The kinds of travelers that are drawn to boutique resorts are as individual themselves and tend to be equally fashionable. Guests from Millennials to Boomers who appreciate innovative layout, quirky personality, and personalised services will be right at home in these boutique hotels.

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